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A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away, a young American soldier lay bleeding on the battlefield of a small Southeast Asian country At that very moment, halfway around the world, his mother awoke from a dream in which she had been watching the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite In the dream, she witnessed details of the battle in which her son was wounded and later told family members of her dream, including her own mother who lay dying of cancer in a hospital in Louisiana A series of incredible events would follow the dream, and within 48 hours of being wounded the young soldier had left the steamy jungle behind and stood at the bedside of his beloved granny as she took her last breath.Thirty two years ago, I was that young soldier Today, I still have difficulty telling the story of my Granny and my mother s dream But the recent tragic death of an old friend in the cold waters of an Alaskan bay has prompted me to recall the story of my grandmother and my friend, the Eskimo, who lay beside me in the heat of battle on that day, long ago Granny and the Eskimo were guardian angels, and they saved my life that day in Vietnam.In Granny and the Eskimo Angels in Vietnam, I attempt to tell my children about a part of their father s life during the Vietnam War which had intentionally been kept from them Although the story was written for young adults, people of all ages and walks of life will find themselves on an emotional roller coaster Indeed, the reader will find Granny and the Eskimo Angels in Vietnam a hard book to put down until the last page is turned and the last tear is wiped....

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Granny and the Eskimo: Angels in Vietnam Reviews

  • Jim Rowell
    2019-05-15 23:44

    This book touched my heart in so many ways. As a baby-boomer, the Vietnam war did not fully impact my life until after it was over. Vietnam was something far away and I didn't allow it to enter into my small rhealm of existence. I almost purposely avoided reading many things about Vietnam because it angered me that many of our young men were sent there to die for something I didn't fully understand. This book was written with love and compassion, and imparts such insight into the mindset of a young man thrown into the midst of the complexities of Vietnam. Reading this story so simply, but elegantly told, helped me to see Vietnam as it really was. I read it almost straight threw without putting it down. I was there with the author. I could identify with being from a small town in the south; I could identify with the mother and grandmother having their son/grandson sent to the other side of the world. I truly believe in miracles and that things happen in our lives for a purpose. This book helped me have a closure to the confusion I had about Vietnam. It was something I needed. I recommend it to all ages. It will touch your heart, too.

  • Richard E. Valpey
    2019-05-07 18:35

    First of all, I agree with most people that have read this outstanding book, on the life of one 1st. Cavalry soldier,and his experience in the war that was so controversial, but my association with Jim Rowell goes much deeper. Jim and I were both in the same places, at the same time, and never met each other until this year, when a friend of mine from my unit, asked me if I had read Jims book on Vietnam. Jim was with B-2-8 1st Cav, and I was with C-2-8, both in country at the same time, on the same Landing Zones, serving under the same battalion commander, and never met. We both were in some of the toughest battles of late 1968, through 1969, fought beside each other, and possibly shared a foxhole or a bunker, once or twice. The best thing about his story, is that I can attest to his words being true to the letter. The story he tells, is not fiction, but a great compilation of facts that make up just one soldier's experience in the battlefield, that so many of us shared, and tried to forget, for so many years. Call it strange, but many of the soldiers from the Vietnam era, are just coming out now, and trying to put meaning to what had happened so many years ago. I, for one never thought all that much about my buddies that I served with, or fought next to, for many years, until my family was raised, and started thinking about retirement. Now I find myself immersed in the computer, trying to reconnect with the men I stood with in the face of the enemy that we encountered. It has been 35+ years since Jim, and I stood together in a foreign land, in the face of communism, and held our faith in God and Country, protecting what we believed in, and doing our best to protect the values that we grew up learning, but I know that if called, we would do it all again. If you ever wanted to read anything on the "Real Story" of one soldiers time in country, then by all means, this is what you are looking for.

  • Robert Skole
    2019-04-24 19:41

    "Granny and the Eskimo -- Angels in Vietnam" is a moving tale of a young man's service in the Vietnam war and the angels who protected him. Jim Rowell, a retired police captain from Atlanta, originally wrote his story for his children. Fortunately, he has made it available to a much wider audience. He tells how the memories and teachings of his grandmother and the battlefield skills passed on by a valiant Alaskan Eskimo buddy in the 8th Cavalry Regiment saved his life in combat and carried him through his tour. Years later, Rowell looked up his platoon buddies -- Americans all, black, white, Christians, Jews, southerners, northerners. Countering the widely-accepted stereotype of a Vietnam vet as a long-haired, disillusioned drop-out, the men all got on with their lives, becoming successful family men. Rowell's locating the Eskimo took all his investigative talents. The Eskimo's civilian life story is heartbreaking, and tied closely to the memory of a brave Captain who died in combat. It was the Eskimo's tragic death that prompted the writing of this book. One of the most poignant chapters is Rowell's visit to the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington. "Granny and the Eskimo" deserves a place in the library of anyone interested the Vietnam War and the men who fought in it.

  • L. Leshe
    2019-05-19 23:50

    An intriguing look at one man's combat experience, you will sense the dangers found in the steamy hot jungles of Vietnam in the late 1960's as you walk with Jim as he relives his impressions and memories of the horrors of war and the forging of friendships far from home--friendships that would lie dormant for many years after his return to civilian life only to slowly awaken and reconnect as random events bring his story full circle to help resolve long buried feelings about the ravages of war on the body and soul and to re-affirm his belief in the existence of guardian angels. A beautifully written chronicle of fighting for what one believes is his duty to serve his country and a lovely tribute to his love of family and how it sustained him in the darkest hours, all woven together with the recurring refrain of a childhood song about Granny and a mockingbird. It's especially gratifying to read of a Vietnam war experience that was turned into a positive and productive life upon return to civilian life.