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One of the world s top players addresses nearly every aspect of the popular 5 string banjo style known as clawhammer or frailing Chapter themes include fundamentals advanced and experimental techniques arranging and backup how to play reels, hornpipes, jigs and other fiddle tunes how to approach such genres as ragtime, bluegrass, klezmer, blues, calypso, and a wide variety of national and regional music alternative tunings setup and accessories and historical background Features 120 tunes along with numerous exercises and musical examples in crystal clear tablature all tunes illustrated by author on two accompanying CDs....

Title : Mel Bay Everything You Wanted to Know About Clawhammer Banjo: A Complete Tutor for the Intermediate and Advanced Player
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ISBN : 0786658908
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Mel Bay Publications, Inc 1st edition June 1, 2004
Number of Pages : 200 pages
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Mel Bay Everything You Wanted to Know About Clawhammer Banjo: A Complete Tutor for the Intermediate and Advanced Player Reviews

  • Lawrence S. Rosenberg
    2019-04-27 18:39

    Ken Perlman always writes about clawhammer banjo with knowledge and passion born of his now many years of playing and teaching this method of, mostly solo, traditional banjo playing. This book is a collection of his writings for Banjo Newsletter and is arranged by topic, in a rough sequence from beginning issues to advanced projects. It is worth the price just for his column on "Foggy Clawhammer," where he demonstrates that bluegrass classics may be convincingly played clawhammer style to the satisfaction of the ubiquitous audience members who will inevitably ask and expect you to play this tune (or, in my experience, "Dueling Banjos"). Ken's style may be a bit daunting for newcomers at times, but learning all he has to teach is worth the effort. Highly recommended to keep handy and contribute to one's growth as a banjo player and as a musician.

  • Tony Thomas
    2019-04-23 14:40

    I bought this book because of its contributions to the study of the history and development of banjo playing. Ken Perlman puts a lot of information the the history of the banjo and the development of old time styles of playing in this book that it is a must-have for those of us who do research and writing on the subject.

  • Dave
    2019-05-17 11:46

    Couldn't be better. Get Ken's "Clawhammer Style Banjo" if you are a beginner or early intermediate student. Both books contain easy to understand but detailed descriptions of all the techniques you'll need to play the music. Highly recommended!

  • David
    2019-04-19 10:37

    Just awesome. If you want to know it, it is here.

  • Cappy
    2019-05-05 16:35

    I have just received this book, so I make no claim to have read the entire thing. However, a quick look through made it apparent that this is for melodic clawhammer playing almost exclusively. This is in no way revealed on the item's amazon page or on the outside of the book. Melodic clawhammer treats the banjo as a melodic (one note at a time, not harmonic) instrument. I would not have bought this if I had know this important fact. Shame, shame Ken/Mel Bay/Amazon.

  • Dave Wallace
    2019-05-16 12:50

    Not for the casual player.great for the serious player. Very detailed in are seven more more more more words.

  • A Reader
    2019-05-18 13:32

    This and Perlman's other banjo books are simply THE BEST clawhammer references out there, and they feature technical and historical material that is not included elsewhere. Ken has clearly put a great deal of thought into how to teach, through book format, an instrument he has thoroughly mastered. My own banjo students are required to use his books as reference material (though not this one, in particular). This book is, as the title says, for intermediate and advanced players and I recommend readers take him at his word. If you have been playing for a while and want to bring yourself up to a higher level of playing, this book will be a great asset. I'll second the other 5-star comments and add that I'd give this title 10 stars, if that were allowed. Be sure to check out his excellent recordings!

  • Sandy McCall
    2019-04-23 13:50

    I have read every single American book on Clawhammer banjo going back to John Burke's "Fiddle Tunes for Banjo" published almost forty years ago. Of all of them, Ken Perlman's were always the most precise and informative. This book is a culmination of his lifetime of playing, teaching, and field work. It is full of great tunes and stylistic lessons laid out in Perlman's meticulous way. Beyond that, there is a running commentary of both three-finger and downstroke styles that is absolutely fascinating, including the best written history of people, places and developments from the 1960s onward. As many of the entries were from twenty plus years of Perlman's columns in "Banjo Newsletter," they attest to the fact that there is no one alive who knows more about the instrument and the people who play it. The banjo gives so much. For those of us who love it, this book is the New Testament. It will be read for many years to come.