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A victim of childhood sexual abuse, now a trained psychologist, chronicles his terrifying experience with multiple personalities later in life, detailing his road to recovery Reprint....

Title : First Person Plural: My Life as a Multiple
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ISBN : 0786889780
Format Type : Massmarketpaperback
Language : English
Publisher : Hyperion November 1, 1999
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First Person Plural: My Life as a Multiple Reviews

  • Tanya McMann
    2019-05-05 20:49

    I absolutely was unable to put this book down. I started it on saturday night and finished on sunday night. It is a memoir and it is written like a fiction novel. I never did read Sybil, but it was mentioned a few times in the book. I sympathized with the family, the husband having to cope with the memories of his past, his wife trying to be supportive, understanding and keep her family together. I dont know if i believed in multiples before i read this book, but i understand their purpose and how they are formed in the brain. This is a great read regardless if it is research or just interest into multiples. I promise you will not be let down.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-05-20 20:10

    Great read. As someone with DID I found comfort in reading about someone else who has this disorder, as Ive never met another multiple. I would have liked more information on what he did with his PhD in Psychology. My heart breaks for his family and mine and I hope to fully integrate which he opted not to do. i am happy he has found peace and balance and that their son was not scarred from the experience.

  • Melissa J.
    2019-05-23 17:51

    Struggling with a loved one with DID is a challenge. This book provides some interesting insights and gives me a much greater understanding of what it is like.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-05-06 18:56

    When I saw a video clip of Cameron and Rikki West, I had to know more Bought this book and was so taken by his story. It was written so well that I often felt right there with him as he processed his illness and introduced us to his others. I admired Rikki's compassion and love for Cam. It was heartbreaking to read of the abuse and the torment he went through. But the perseverance of wanting to get better was an inspiration to me and hopefully to others who read this book.

  • Tarheelbex
    2019-05-03 00:11

    This book is a very engrossing story of a man with multiple personalities and the challenges he faces on a daily basis. It is heartwarming and sad at the same time. It is a deep look into one mans story and how he comes to live with this disorder. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I haven't finished it yet. But I know without a doubt it will be a truly fascinating book and I would highly recommend it for anyone interested in this subject.

  • Caroline Ann Martin
    2019-05-13 23:11

    It's amazing to read others comments. Some constructive and some not. The truth is, unless you've lived through it, you will never fully understand. West's description of his account hits home for me in many ways, and I admire him for his courage to share his experience as being a person with DID. I did find the book patronizing in some areas, but again, he was and can only share HIS account. This book is truly one of a kind and a must read for newly diagnosed....

  • Denisa G. Burnham
    2019-05-04 20:49

    This book was so helpful. I wanted to understand how the mind of DID functioned. Cameron West let me see from the inside out. I'm grateful he and his wife were willing to share their experience.

  • Nanjean
    2019-05-10 01:09

    I read this book in two fact, the first night we had a power outtage so I read by flashlight until 2 am! Dr West has the talent as a writer to make you feel that you are right there with him experiencing his awakenings and coming to grips with his past. He is a master of metaphors! This book stirred feelings of outrage, surprise, laughter, intrigue, saddness, hollowness, and then...triumph! His wife and son are unsung heroes in this saga. They demonstrated the ability to be so very loving, sympathetic and understanding even though his wife was having to deal with her own loss and the pain of loneliness and confusion. I found myself crying over and over for the little boy whose treatment was so incredibly awful, and yet he had the strength and ability to somehow survive. I kept looking at his picture thinking "how could this beautiful caring man have endured such horrors and lived to go on? His story is a testament to the human spirit showing that we can triumph over great emotional tradgedy and have something to give others. True healing takes place when we can reach out to help someone else.