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Updated and filled with striking new revelations, the bestselling, superb biography that honors in full a life we thought we knew Newsweek Praised as remarkable, meticulous, and long overdue, Anne Frank The Biography, originally published in 1998, still stands as the definitive account of the girl who has become the human face of the Holocaust For this nuanced portrait of her famous subject, biographer Melissa M ller drew on exclusive interviews with family and friends as well as on previously unavailable correspondence, even, in the process, discovering five missing diary pages Full of revelations, M ller s richly textured narrative returned Anne Frank to history, portraying the flesh and blood girl unsentimentalized and so all the affecting.Now, fifteen years after the book first appeared, much new information has come to light letters sent by Otto Frank to relatives in America as he sought to emigrate with his family, the identity of other suspects involved in the betrayal of the Franks, and important details about the family s arrest and subsequent fate Revised and updated with than thirty percent new material, this is an indispensable volume for all those who seek a deeper understanding of Anne Frank and the brutal times in which she lived and died....

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Anne Frank: The Biography Reviews

  • KeeversDad
    2019-04-06 02:09

    I first read this book in its original edition. The updating is much appreciated and there was a lot of new information that the author provided. Just for fun I "Google Earthed" several of the addresses in Frankfurt where the Frank family had lived before moving to Amsterdam. It was interesting to note that all but one of them had been "pixelated" out, I would suppose at the request of the owner. It is unfortunate that Miep Gies passed away--it has always been my suspicion that she and Otto Frank knew who their betrayer was and chose not to reveal it. Ms. Mueller implies such in this book. For those interested in the Diary and the story behind the story, this book is a must read. Numerous photographs from the Frank family in Switzerland are included.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-04-17 03:12

    I read this book immediately after reading Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl. This book did a great job of providing context for Anne's diary and for filling the gaps about life before and after hiding. I like that Muller begins with the day of the arrest, because of course when you read the diary you try to imagine what happened that day and how Anne and her family would have felt. The book also does a good job of placing many of Anne's comments and observations within the context of her age, and provides a more well-rounded view of her mother and the others who shared the annex. Although the events following the Franks' arrest were tragic, having my questions about that answered provided closure that was needed for me. Well done.

  • Peter Stephan
    2019-04-15 08:09

    The author, Ms Muller, pieces together early parts of Anne's life (she was born in 1929) through letters and postcards sent by Anne to relatives, interviews with family members who survived the war, and access to museum archives. Her father lived over 30 years after the war. Several of Anne's friends are still alive as of 1/2014 ! There are sections that deal with Anne's thoughts about God, about her 10-12 yr old friends, about her kindred spirit with her father, about why relations with her mother were strained, about Peter Van Pels. There is background info on her parents family, which side was religious and which was not. There is even info on the last known contacts with Peter, Margo (older sister), and Anne - up to one month before she died in April 1945. I prefer this biography to the diary, because the flow form issue to issue is much smoother. There is section at the end of the book that deals with what became of many characters. The forward explains the author interest in writing about Anne. She is very humble and does not editorialize during her telling of Anne's story. It was a page-turner for me!

  • SmokieTopaz
    2019-03-26 05:46

    As someone who lost most of my family in Auschwitz, I learned a lot from this book. It was hard for me to read some of its parts, but I knew that I had to do it. I enjoyed the pictures provided in this biography since it made me visualize the characters better.

  • Rise4star
    2019-03-27 03:01

    I bought mine used and I was so pleased that I did. This book talks more about her family and gives light on the individuals she was around in the Annex. This is a great book also to explain more about Otto and Edith. This book not only lets you travel through the Frank family history and their travels but it explains exactly what was going on in their environment and the changes being made. The writer worked and searched and talked with many different people. If you like the movie Remembering Anne Frank I highly recommend this book and if you haven't seen the video Remember Anne Frank I highly encourage you to watch it.

  • Customer
    2019-04-07 06:52

    If you are interested in learning not just about Anne Frank, but her family members and more of the interactions that accompanied the Frank family, you should read this book. Many details on events leading up to going into seclusion as well as a more complete picture of Anne and her relationships with family and friends.

  • Richard Tissot
    2019-03-29 07:57

    I found the book interesting and detailed - sad at times, especially about how Anne passed and why. I've watched the film based on the book as well. Anne was only one person and there were many who had suffered from this ridiculous treatment of human beings. People are forgetting the fate of other people's genocide - ISIS or ISIL harms people for similar reasons and the world hasn't acted with serious countermeasures. These people are the new NAZI's. Try to see the similarity.

  • Renee Lafarge
    2019-04-13 10:02

    my 9 year old grand daughter loved it