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becoming-a-truck-driver-the-raw-truth-about-truck-driving Trucking schools can teach you to drive, but nobody s there to teach you everything else.This book is a no holds barred, call em as I see em account of what I went through when I decided to become a truck driver I hope to shed some light on what the trucking industry is REALLY like, with no hidden agendas and no regrets.I have absolutely loved my years on the road The experiences, the friends, the money, the challenges, and the freedom There are so many things to know if you want to be successful on the road and they take years to learn.I m talking about things they don t teach in truck driving schools and things companies don t talk least not honestly There are grey areas and unwritten rules in the trucking industry that have a major impact on your life and your career and only time on the road will reveal the reailties of becoming a truck driver Brett Aquila, Author Becoming A Truck Driver The Raw Truth About Trucking...

Title : Becoming A Truck Driver: The Raw Truth About Truck Driving
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ISBN : 1438217056
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : CreateSpace June 1, 2007
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Becoming A Truck Driver: The Raw Truth About Truck Driving Reviews

  • Doxycycline
    2019-04-28 19:52

    With a title like "The raw truth about truck driving," you would think that Mr. Aquila had hated his time as a truck driver. Fortunately, however, nothing could be further from the truth. Mr. Aquila appears to have thoroughly enjoyed his time as a driver and his enthusiasm for the profession shows through in every word of this well-wriiten and engaging book.

  • Craig Bernhardt
    2019-05-08 17:57

    This book by far gives a great guideline to what all us truckers deal with in the REAL world, not the fake world. I ll admit I was skeptical when I ordered it, thinking here I go again buying something from some other truckdriver who probably just wants to blabber on about how miserable his/her life is as a driver, and I got quite a shock to realize it wasnt like that at all. It really is informative and he really says it the way it is. Im definitely using it as a dating guideline too. My next potential girlfriend has to read page 14 through 18 and understand what they are reading. A written test may be required if the applicant looks dumb.

  • Jim
    2019-05-13 16:06

    I think it would be better if it were more up to date. Quite a few of the big companies now are caught up in class action lawsuits for underpaying their drivers (paying them less than the equivalent of minimum wage). During my short stint with one of the larger companies, I had weekly paychecks that were sometimes less than $100. Personally, I feel like it's not a good industry for a person to be getting into right now.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-05-15 16:09

    I'm new to the industry and I appreciate this reading more than any other I've come across. He's not a professional writer, but he didn't allow writing to get in the way of providing informative advise. The material is very well laid out, it's easy to read and follow along, and he doesn't waste time with unnecessary dialogue. It appears to of been written in 2007 - so if anything I wish that it were more current. However, I finished the book better prepared in understanding how I want to pursue this new career - thanks.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-04-23 17:48

    Writer writes in a conversational style, not like a professional writer. An interesting read but some of the really granular information of a trucker's life is missing. Lastly the book was written in 2007, some information particularly the section dealing with technology is I assume out of date. All in all, worth the money.

  • Mario Vilche
    2019-05-20 23:05

    Loved the book and helped me understand more about trucking life, their website is great too with alot of responses from the author himself

  • Kindle Customer
    2019-04-24 20:49

    Very insightful. A must read for anyone who is thinking about a career as a commercial truck driver. A lot of great information on how it is in the real world, after the formal school is done.

  • edhardyarmylady
    2019-05-07 15:47

    I sent this book to my sister to help her make her decision about becoming a truck driver. It seemed to help.