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World War I fighter pilot William C Lambert of Ironton, Ohio, flew for the British Royal Air Force in 1918 When he left the Western Front in August, he had 22 victories then the most achieved by any American pilot By the time of the Armistice in November, his total was surpassed by Eddie Rickenbacker, the former race car driver from Columbus, Ohio, with 26 victories Lambert survived the war and lived into his eighties, unwilling until late in life to seek public acclaim for his war record This book examines his life and the wartime experiences that defined it....

Title : Bill Lambert: World War I Flying Ace
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Publisher : McFarland August 16, 2016
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Bill Lambert: World War I Flying Ace Reviews

  • Larry C. Ewing
    2019-05-13 19:09

    This book is a must read for anyone interested broadly in the history of World War I, individual heroic effort, and how both the clarity and fog of war can define a person for his entire life.

  • Acetoneman
    2019-05-24 19:02

    Bill Lambert. I grew up knowing this man. I went to dinner on Friday nights with him and another friend. He told me his stories. He was never recognized for his achievements. This book by Samuel J. Wilson put all of his life into one book and really brings Bill Lambert into the place in history he should be. Capt. W.C. Lambert, RFC, American Ace and Lt Col. USAF.

  • Allen
    2019-05-08 21:45

    This book caught my eyes immediately while I was living in SE OH. I love history and aviation. However, I have never heard about this pilot. Sam explains the very early history of aviation with the Wright Brothers, which lead up to this technology, and Bill Lambert's passion for flying when it was new. He then gives vivid details from Bill's recovered writings and Bill's book Combat Report for a "blow by blow" account of the war from the air. The reader gains an insight on how the war changed Bill, and recounts from surviving eyewitnesses in the community of Ironton, OH, about Bill's later life. It is a shame more has not been reported about Bill! You have to give credit to Ed Rickenbacker with being top of the list, but Bill's slight second place, and possible arguments if he could have been first place if better records were maintained his fascinating!

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-04-27 23:49

    On behalf of Joe Unger:

  • Robert m Easter
    2019-05-14 01:02

    Growing up with Grandparents that spoke of Col. Lambert frequently and with highest regard, This book colored in the lines drawn by them. I was fascinated at the guts it took to get into a machine that science and industry had yet to perfect. Dr. Wilson brings to life a world that we only know in black and white and fast moving film. I found amazing the life of a fighter pilot and the honor that enemies treated each other too in the face of pure horror. This book does justice to a life that had fallen through the cracks of aviation of the great wars history