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From the beginning, landing airplanes on ships at sea has been considered the ultimate challenge in aviation The success of generations of aircraft carrier operations would never have been possible without the Landing Signal Officer, or LSO A full history of the LSO has never been published before now The major changes brought about by visual landing aids and angled decks are nothing less than revolutionary, and these features are explained by a seasoned Naval Aviator who flew attack jets from carriers.This book tells the story of LSOs from the first carrier operations in 1922 through World War II, the early jet era, Korea, Vietnam, and up to today s nuclear powered leviathans Also explained are naval aircraft and equipment development through the years it covers both the faster and heavier aircraft and the changes in shipboard flight deck systems Diagrams showing the evolution of aircraft carrier deck design from World War I to the present are also included.Historical fact and detailed information is interspersed with colorful anecdotes that add the feeling of being on the fantail of a carrier as jets scream past at 200 mph and land right next to you There s a good reason the LSO platform is called the best seat in the house From primitive biplanes to the latest supersonic jets, aircraft could not have been brought aboard ship without the Landing Signal Officer This book explains the exciting world of the LSO....

Title : Wave-Off!: A History of LSOs and Ship-Board Landings
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ISBN : 1580072356
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Publisher : Specialty Press February 8, 2017
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Wave-Off!: A History of LSOs and Ship-Board Landings Reviews

  • Gary L. Rezeau
    2019-05-03 11:59

    Like all good books about aviation you need lots of quality photos and diagrams to complement the content. This book has all that and more. The content is rich in naval aviation history regarding aircraft carrier evolution, flight operations from the beginning to present, and enough easy to understand technical information to give the reader a depth of knowledge that satisfies while keeping anticipation of what the next page holds at a high level. CDR Powell's writing style is like he is having a one sided, friendly conversation with the reader as he covers material that he knows as a subject matter expert. Plus this book covers a part of naval aviation that heretofore has not been given enough recognition in my opinion. And that is the Landing Signal Officer, or LSO. This is an in depth look inside the evolution of the LSO as carrier aviation grew in scope, missions, and expertise. The main battery of an aircraft carrier is the air wing. And the LSOs play the most important part of keeping both the training of pilots and their proficiency at the extremely high standard of performance required of those who fly in challenging weather both day and night as they operate globally on our world's seas and oceans. As we say in the U.S. Navy - Bravo Zulu to CDR Powell. BZ = Well Done!

  • R. J. Morgan
    2019-05-04 12:51

    This is a fun book and an excellent read for anyone with an interest in carrier aviation. "Boom" Powell, wizened LSO, combat aviator and raconteur puts together a great work on what it has taken to land aircraft on ships at sea over the years. He discusses the technical, the personalities and the arcane in a highly readable style with a lot of sub-plots and side-bars that will answer about every question you might have on the business. Highly recommended.

  • Harvey T. Walsh III
    2019-05-19 11:08

    A must read for those interested in the evolution of Carrier aviation. Powell details the development of aircraft, ships, equipment and, most importantly, the man on the platform, the Landing Signal Officer (LSO). Overviews are given of major carrier battles, but from the point of view of the unique challenges of launching and recovering the aircraft onboard. Written to be understood by the layman, there are enough details to keep the interest of the experienced carrier aviator. Short Vignettes illustrating examples of the sometimes terrifyingly (to a modern aviator's eyes) makeshift systems and minimally trained pilots bring the story to life. Many rarely seen photos accompany the text and show the excitement and danger of shipboard aviation.

  • Dick Hallion
    2019-04-27 12:51

    Boom Powell is a familiar name to aficionados of naval aviation history and operations, and anything he writes is always worth reading. Specialty Press has established itself as a major international publisher of path-breaking books in military affairs. Landing aboard ship, in variable weather, day and night, is arguably the ultimate test of pilot skill and judgment. This synergistic fusion of Boom Powell, Specialty Press, and a subject as fascinating as "Just how DO they bring those airplanes aboard?" had generated one of the finest books on naval aviation history ever published. Wave-Off is more than a collection of great tales and evocative photographs. Instead, Powell has drawn on his own extensive background as a naval pilot (A-4 Skyhawk and RA-5C Vigilante) and as a Landing Signal Officer (LSO) on the Intrepid and Kitty Hawk (the former one of the classic Essex class and the latter one of the formidable Forrestal brood) to examine the evolution of the LSO and deck-landing generally. As a Scooter and Vigi driver, Powell sees carrier aviation and the challenge of coming aboard with special insight. Even knowledgeable aviation enthusiasts will find much that is new and thought provoking in this impressive survey, and I recommend it heartily to anyone with even a passing interest in the marriage of ships and aircraft.

  • Gunder Creager
    2019-05-16 17:08

    Gunder Creager

  • Smitty
    2019-04-23 16:03

    I hope someone like Mr. Tommy H. Thomason will solve my long time question about the Barricade for the early jet fighters of the strait deck carriers.

  • Puresome
    2019-05-19 19:12

    I have followed Boom's work for a long time, and this effort again knocks the old meatball over the left field fence. Great pictures, research, and sea stories. I should have realized how much I did not know about the blunt end of boats, except that it was prudent NEVER to allow a low meatball. Authoritative and fun read. Highly recommended.