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Girls are born believing that they can do anything, but our media driven culture of mixed messages and conflicting values can make growing up a confusing and risky business And for parents, it is a daunting responsibility to raise confident, independent daughters while still keeping them safe Jeanne and Don Elium address such complex challenges as peer pressure and evolving social roles emotional effects of physical changes moodiness, eating disorders, and depression the consequences of early sexualitythe gender gap between girls and boysnew research on ADD and ADHD in girls daughters and single parentingRaising A Daughter guides parents through each stage of a girls development, from infant to toddler, through middle childhood, the teen years, and on into early adulthood A bestseller since 1994, this newly revised classic offers a practical exploration of what it means to have a daughter, and a compassionate study of what it means to be a woman coming of age in todays world....

Title : Raising a Daughter: Parents and the Awakening of a Healthy Woman
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ISBN : 1587611767
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Celestial Arts Revised edition January 13, 2003
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Raising a Daughter: Parents and the Awakening of a Healthy Woman Reviews

    2019-05-20 05:38

    Excellent reading that helped me understand the phases my daughters were going through at certain ages. I read the book twice because it had great words of wisdom.

  • selina
    2019-05-16 02:45

    interesting book

  • S. S.
    2019-04-23 23:54

    I have a problem with this book right from the beginning, in which the author states that she did not actually mother her daughter. She cites a number of reasons, including inner turmoil, the crying out of her inner child for nurturing, and even goes so far as to displace the blame onto the Women's Movement for encouraging her to leave her traditional life behind - but I call b.s. on all of that. I get so tired of hearing people use the excuse of their Inner Child as a reason for falling short of their responsibilities. People have varying degrees of challenges in their lives, but aside from a true mental handicap over which you have no control, a drug problem, etc., you have no good excuse for abandoning your child (I don't mean giving a child up for adoption - I mean leaving them behind - and I mean this for fathers as well as mothers). You still have to be a decent person, consider how your actions affect others, and raise your baby, despite the "inner pain" you feel. (And the Women's Movement never would have encouraged leaving your child - bra burning, sure, but not abandonment.)

  • S Fitz
    2019-05-16 04:44

    A little anecdote: I bought this book and left it out on the table. My daughter took note of it and asked me if I had read it yet. I was in the middle of researching female adolescent behavior, so the book stayed out for several weeks. Periodically, she would ask me again. Finally, I told her if she wanted to read the book herself, she could. She never asked me again. Raising a Daughter is an excellent resource for parents. It has the developmental wisdom of Carol Gilligan's work and the environmental awareness of Mary Pipher's Reviving Ophelia. It is practical, down to earth and meaningful. Raising a Daughter is an insightful resource for parents of daughters.

  • None
    2019-04-26 00:02

    I was given this book as a gift after my daughter was born last summer. Previously, I had two boys which I could relate to since I am a male and was raised in a family of all boys! Wow, this book was very eye-opening for me. How easily we forget how we see the world and unconciously perform actions which may have an undesired outcome on our child's development. Although still an infant, this book helped me realize that I already treat my daughter differently than my older boys. I will definitely re-read the Elium's book in a year or so, and will likely revisit it time and again. I would not advise this to be the 'one' book on how to raise a daughter. I also don't necessarily agree with every point. Overall, though, this is a useful guide full of interesting and thought-provoking material.

  • Darin LaGarry
    2019-05-18 22:44

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it most enlightening. As a father of two young girls, ages 2 and 5, and already encountering some interesting parenting dilemnas, I was quite happy to discover that the techniques described in this book work quite well. I find that I am more patient and understanding of my daughters behavior. There is also a considerable amount of discussion about how our society tends to suppress the female psyche - I'm in agreement with this and feel that the discussions are necessary to make us more mindful of the unconscious pressures placed on our daughters. Definitely recommend adding this book to your parenting library.

  • Karen
    2019-05-02 02:40

    I bought the book of the same title when my daughter was 1 and my stepdaughters were 13 and 16. I re-read it each year (for the last 4!) and come away with something useful for a new stage of growth the girls are in! Excellent reference with all of the basics we sometimes forget to heed!