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How the global mind drives the evolution of both consciousness and civilization Explains how our brains receive consciousness from the global mind, which upgrades human consciousness according to a pre set divine time frame Reveals how the Mayan Calendar provides a blueprint for these consciousness downloads throughout history Examines the mind shift in humans and the development of pyramids and civilization in ancient Egypt, Sumer, South America, and Asia beginning in 3115 BCEIn each culture the origins of civilization can be tied to the arising of one concept in the human mind straight lines Straight and perpendicular lines are not found in nature, so where did they come from What shift in consciousness occurred around the globe that triggered the start of rectangular building methods and linear organization as well as written language, pyramid construction, mathematics, and art Offering a detailed answer to this question, Carl Calleman explores the quantum evolution of the global mind and its holographic resonance with the human mind He examines how our brains are not thinking machines but individual receivers of consciousness from the global mind, which creates holographic downloads to adjust human consciousness to new cosmological circumstances He explains how the Mayan Calendar provides a blueprint for these downloads throughout history and how the global mind, rather than the individual, has the power to make civilizations rise and fall He shows how, at the beginning of the Mayan 6th Wave Long Count in 3115 BCE, the global mind gave human beings the capacity to conceptualize spatial relations in terms of straight and perpendicular lines, initiating the building of pyramids and megaliths around the world and leading to the rise of modern civilization He examines the symbolism within the Great Pyramid of Giza and the pyramid at Chichn Itz and looks at the differences between humans of the 6th Wave in ancient Egypt, Sumer, South America, and Asia and the cave painters of the 5th Wave He reveals how the global mind is always connected to the inner core of the Earth and discusses how the two halves of the brain parallel the civilizations of the East and West.Outlining the historical, psychological, geophysical, and neurological roots of the modern human mind, Calleman shows how studying early civilizations offers a means of understanding the evolution of consciousness....

Title : The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization: The Quantum Evolution of Consciousness
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Publisher : Bear 2nd Edition, New edition May 29, 2016
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The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization: The Quantum Evolution of Consciousness Reviews

  • Desert Diva
    2019-05-08 14:56

    I read this book as fast as one can possibly digest it (which ironically is not particularly fast). It was transformative because it shifted my entire perception about evolution and sentient life itself. I've studied the Mayan calendars for some 15 years or more but, probably like others with the same interest, had no idea I was looking for answers through a microscope. Calleman invites you to get your nose out of the microscope, allow your consciousness to observe the process from a spatial vantage point, and voila! Suddenly the long-count calendar makes ultimate sense, replete with an understanding of the cosmic cycles of sacred geometry. Conventional illusions about evolutionary progress being linear fall away as one sees the perfection and infinite patience in the natural waves of creation.

  • Khemiu
    2019-05-06 16:10

    Providing a totally new context for human evolution, Dr. Calleman re-arranges the contents of our written history, replacing confusion and mysterious gaps with scientific clarity and divine purpose. Prepare to have your individual mind stirred to a change of base, on which you can yield to the harmony of universal evolution that is carrying all species within its forces. Since 2006 when I experienced Carl Calleman giving a presentation in Los Angeles, I have read all his books and articles, so I wondered what more could he possibly contribute to our understanding. His brilliance came through from the beginning of the book to the end and blew me away - again!

  • sam pearson
    2019-04-30 18:03

    I immensely enjoyed reading Dr. Calleman's newest work, The Global Mind. It shows that the spiritual and the scientific fields are not in conflict. I appreciate his scientific method of research and his dedication to understanding the development of civilization. The book is well documented and thought out. It is a very thought provoking read, and connected a lot of dots for me. I'm looking forward to his next book and to further my understanding of his fascinating new take on evolution.

  • Caren Morris
    2019-05-12 16:01


  • Dolores S. Anderson
    2019-05-07 15:04

    Very happy.

  • Egberto Penido
    2019-05-07 21:11

    No comments

  • Mark Gottfried
    2019-05-14 21:11

    Dr. Coleman presents a very compelling treatise on evolution and the rise of civilization. But, how the Mayans were able to tap into the cosmic wave timeline and other cultures were not is not clear.

  • rachelr
    2019-05-08 19:02

    Calleman might be on to something with this novel approach to civilizations beginnings. Well researched and well written.