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Christian Kabbalah is the great scholar Ernst Benz s introduction to the relatively little known but fascinating subject of Christian Kabbalah Christian Kabbalism is the interpretation of Jewish Kabbalistic themes in the context of the Christian faith, or an interpretation of Christian doctrines utilizing Kabbalistic methods and concepts Its beginnings are generally traced back to Count Pico de la Mirandola, the well known Renaissance philosopher and creator of a Christian Neoplatonism The great surge of mysticism within the theology and theosophy of German pietism during the early modern period led not only to a renaissance in the study of the Kabbalah within Protestant theology, but also to a positive evaluation of the religious content of the Kabbalah in its own right This work includes illustrations of the famous Kabbalistic master tablet of Princess Antonia and discusses in detail the work of the great Christian theosopher Friedrich Christoph Oetinger Christian Kabbalah is currently the only introduction available to the history and teachings of this important form of mysticism and religious cross pollination....

Title : Christian Kabbalah
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Publisher : New Grail 1st edition May 1, 2004
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Christian Kabbalah Reviews

  • Jack W.
    2019-05-07 21:02

    this isn't what i thought it would be. mostly dated ideas of earlier kabbalists which doesn't say much about the the theory or practice.

  • Cameron B. Clark
    2019-04-20 20:22

    Alongside works such as The Christian Interpretation of the Cabala in the Renaissance (1965) by Joseph Blau and The Christian Kabbalah: Jewish Mystical Books and Their Christian Interpreters (1998) by Joseph Dan, one may now add Christian Kabbalah: Neglected Child of Theology by Ernst Benz. Although I haven't read the two previous works, I recommend Benz's book as a good general introduction to the ORIGINS of Christian Kabbalah with a special informative emphasis on the Kabbalistic influences and adaptations of Christian theosopher Friedrich Christoph Oetinger (1702 - 1782) who also encountered, studied and wrote a book about Christian Kabbalism in what is called "The Kabbalistic Master Tablet of Princess Antonia of Wurtemberg". One gets info. related to Christian uses of Jewish Kabbalah prior to Eliphas Levi, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and other 19th century adaptations that contributed to contemporary hermetic qabalah. If one has read, like I have, Robert Wang's imbalanced book, The Rape of Jewish Mysticism by Christian Theologians: How the Modern Occult Movement Grew out of Renaissance Attempts to Convert the Jews (2001), Benz's book will help bring historical balance.