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In December 1916 General Robert Nivelle was appointed Commander in Chief of the French armies fighting the Germans on the Western Front He had enjoyed a meteoric rise to high command and public acclaim since the beginning of the war he was a national hero In return, he proclaimed he had the formula that would ensure victory and end the conflict in 1917 But his offensive was a bloody and humiliating failure for France, one that could have opened the way for French defeat This is the subject of David Murphy s penetrating, in depth study of one of the key events in the history of the Great War He describes how Nivelle, a highly intelligent and articulate officer, used his charm to win the support of French and British politicians, but also how he was vain and boastful and displayed no sense of operational security By the opening of the campaign, his plan was an open secret and he had lost the ability to critically assess the operation as it developed The result was disaster....

Title : Breaking Point of the French Army: The Nivelle Offensive of 1917
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Breaking Point of the French Army: The Nivelle Offensive of 1917 Reviews

    2019-03-26 08:05

    An excellent study of major events within the French army during its fourth year of conflict, an army where the goal had continued to be attack, always attack, and stay on the offensive no matter what the cost. This had resulted in massive casualties, mainly from enemy heavy artillery and well-placed machine guns that decimated attacking infantry. The spring offensive of 1917 was planned by the new Commander-in-Chief of the French armies, Robert Nivelle, who had shown success during the previous autumn's campaign defending the forts of Verdun and promised he had a fresh approach that would not repeat the massive losses incurred at the Somme and Verdun during 1916. David Murphy shows that when these promises led to such conspicuous failure, France came close to dropping out of the war. Murphy's study of Nivelle and the events of 1917 outline how an intelligent and articulate officer who promised so much, but was vain and boastful and worse still, displayed no sense of operational security could lead his country to the breaking point. His plan "was an open secret and he had lost the ability to critically assess the operation as it developed." The resulting disaster literally was the breaking point of the French army. It effectively destroyed French army morale, leading to a series of troop mutinies and the "will of the French politicians and people to continue the war was undermined." David Murphy's study is the first full-length account in English to analyze in detail the reasons for the failure of the Nivelle Offensive and the implications for the future conduct of the war.

  • Kindle Customer
    2019-04-04 05:12

    This is a very worthwhile book on the WW1 French army, however it assumes to some degree that the reader has a good prior knowledge base of the War, and the problems faced by all combatants. The Price at 1.26$ is right. Can't go to wrong at that price point.

  • James W. Maxson
    2019-03-28 01:54

    I enjoyed the book over all. But I was disappointed with the lack of detail when dealing with the offensive and its planning. The books length is rather short, less then 200 pages, which I find to short to be discussing the subject in detail. I like the fact that the book was an easy and fast read. They were no points where the you wanted the book to end. I was looking for more then what I got, but it was a good read on a very ignored subject of WWI.

  • T. Watson
    2019-03-28 06:08

    This was a surprisingly readable book that dealt with the Nivelle offensive of 1917, which is often only a footnote in other WW1 history texts. As a veteran I found the run up to the battle somewhat unbelievable to comprehend. And the overview of the mutiny was well researched but brief. Very good.

  • A Brogden
    2019-04-14 08:55

    For a microism, of what happened. I recommend "Paths of Glory". Of course the British had their Nivelles and by the end of the War, so did the Americans albeit on a much smaller scale.

  • ann simpson
    2019-04-06 04:47

    informative but sad tale of mismanaged generalship. much valor mixed w pride and sheer pigheadedness

  • Kindle Customer
    2019-04-22 05:53

    this explains why one commander bosses the whole whoa.le show in WW2. Eisenhower was responsible . Though not infallible,his selection eliminated the mistakes of the past.

  • D. Carlton
    2019-04-07 09:45

    This is an under-discussed aspect of WWI in English language accounts. Good stuff.