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If one attributes the mounted infantry to the creation of Fischer s voluntary infantry company, as has traditionally been done, then one would have to wait until 1757 for the first units to be organized Horsemen make their presence in the royal cavalry in 1776 with the creation of a mounted infantry squadron attached to each dragoon regiment Our study commences with the first truly mounted infantrymen described by the 1779 ruling Presented are those of 12 regiments from 1784, and the 26 who would fight during the Revolution, in addition to those from Valmy at Marengo from the Constituent to the Consulat, without forgetting the voluntary units who would come to support the enlisted units Volume 2 to follow will examine the regiments from the periods of the Consulat and the Empire....

Title : Chasseurs A' Cheval, Vol. 1: 1779 - 1815 (Officers and Soldiers of the French)
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ISBN : 2352501997
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Publisher : Histoire and Collections December 27, 2011
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Chasseurs A' Cheval, Vol. 1: 1779 - 1815 (Officers and Soldiers of the French) Reviews

  • D. Kong
    2019-05-10 01:03

    Chasseurs a Cheval was one of the light cavalry arms of Napoleonic French army. Book No. 17 of the Officers and Soldiers series published by Histoire & Collections is the first of three volumes that discusses this particular branch of the French Army. The second volume, Volume 2, is slated to be published as Book No. 20 and Volume 3 is to be Book No. 21. Book No. 17, the one on review here, has the title: Chasseurs a Cheval: Volume 1: 1779-1815. Actually, this volume only covers from 1779 to 1800. If you are only interested in the Chasseurs a Cheval in the later Naopleonic years, then you have to wait for Book No. 20 that will cover from 1801-1809 and Book No. 21 that will cover from 1810 to 1816.

  • Michael England
    2019-05-18 00:08

    All of these Histoire & Collections Napoleonic books are extremely valuable and beautiful, printed on the very finest paper for color illustrations of regimental uniforms in all their modes of dress for both officers and enlisted. For deep and dark colors these are the best I've seen on paper! I intend to get everything they print about Napoleonic armies. A wargamer could not have a more valuable painting guide as these pages serve the same purpose as military plates. They do include belts, weapons, harnessing, shabrack & portmanteau, sabretache and other equipment.

  • eric
    2019-05-16 04:49

    I am a Historex/ 54mm modeler and painter. I have found this series to be a great reference source. They are very highly detailed covering just about any uniform on the subject and changes over the period. They are very good about when and where they are basing their information on. I would mention these are not good books on the history of unit actions. Only the uniforms and that they do very well indeed.

  • Pen Name
    2019-05-21 01:10

    I can't say enough about the books in this series. They are excellent. 60 pages of full colour illustrations. If you are a modeller or a wargamer, you should own some of these books.

  • Michael  Anthony Wood
    2019-05-07 06:04

    This volume is in my opinion one of the best records of the uniforms of the early chasseurs a cheval, and is up to the usual excellent standard of this series

  • Stephen C. Nick
    2019-05-24 00:08

    Really Good

  • danny boy
    2019-05-22 03:56

    This book is the first of three volumes to focus on the Napoleonic uniforms of the light cavalry known as Chasseurs a Cheval. Excellent line-rendered drawings show all uniform details in captivating colours.